About the Elder Care Council

Elder Care is comprised of a variety of business professionals that specialize in providing assistance to seniors.  The vast array of services in this field can make finding the appropriate care difficult and often overwhelming.  The Elder Care Council (ECC) was established in order to simplify this process and unite the community of senior care professionals, bringing the best possible assistance to those in need of our services.

Each member of the ECC contributes their many years of experience and expertise to ensure you or your loved one receives the highest quality of care.  Our members come from a wide spectrum of fields within the senior care profession, providing you with all the options you need to better your quality of living.  We work together to assist, educate and empower those searching for help during the latter years in life.

At the Elder Care Council, we want to make your golden years your best years.

About our logo

The Elder Care Council logo brings together representations of the senior community as well as the responsibility of those who serve them.  The helping hand represents the care given by those serving in senior care, while the tree represents the strength, wisdom and the fruits of a long life, the fruits which define the seniors in our community. When these two sources are combined, the result is truly beautiful.

Join The Council

Download and complete the ECC membership packet and application and email to Phoebe Harris Phoebe@wlhmail.com